★:herajika:★ (herajika) wrote in egl,

WTB: blouses and cutsaws

After getting several new JSK and skirts, I have realised that I actually have no nice tops to go with them, thus spawned this WTB.

Type: blouses and cutsaws (no T shirts please; I have enough of those)

Style: Peter Pan collar blouse for under JSK is my top priority.  Brand and non-brand (has to be nice though) both OK.

Colour: white or black

Condition: as long as it is not irreparable, used condition is ok.  New is of course better (but I understand my budget might not cover it)

Size: bust - 33/34.  Waist - 26 inches. Pretty standard brand size.

Budget: £40-50 (USD 80-100)

[Please understand that £50/USD100 is *really* stretching the budget.  However, I would gladly pay that though for a nice piece.]

Thanks! <3

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