Skylark (skyewishes) wrote in egl,

Looking for Brand Images - can you help?

I'm working on a catalogue of my wardrobe at the moment, to help me keep a track of what I have, what I need to aquire and what I need to sell. However apon browsing my image files I realised, while I have hundreds of photos of items from different brands I do not have pictures of all the items I own >.< Therefore I am asking your help in locating them! Please, if you have brand photos or even your own photos of the following items I would really appreciate if you could share them with me:

BABY Sleeping Alice skirt in White
BABY white heart pillow
BABY Angel Gobelin Jsk in pink
Angelic Pretty Chiffon bow print skirt in pink
Angelic Pretty Cupcake applique OP in pink
Angelic Pretty Cake bag in pink
Angelic Pretty Small Bow headband with pom pom in pink
Angelic Pretty Bunny socks in white x pink
Angelic Pretty Lace up bow socks in pink x white
Angelic Pretty Poodle Parasol in pink
Victorian Maiden Boater Straw Hat in Off white
Victorian Maiden Velveteen Crown print Jsk in black
Innocent World Tartan skirt and bustier set in black x red (2005 Winter series)
Innocent World half apron with heart pocket
Metamorphose Swan Emblem Tote in white (the fake leather one)
Matamorphose Swan Emblem Rail pass in white

In return, I'm happy to share my images if you are looking for anything in particular, I mostly have pictures from BABY and Angelic Pretty's 2005-present collections.

Thank you for your help!
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