Xty (faithfulmoder) wrote in egl,

Are these shoes good for wa-loli?

As a total newbie, my opinion: possibly yes because of the very Japanese-y plum blossom print(your "wa") and the cute rounded style(your "loli"). Possibly no because of the higher, narrow heel and the very bright red of the lace.

What do y'all think? :)

Ebay auction, not mine

(As a small note on the phrase "wa-loli", my research showed a couple of sites saying "wa" comes from Japan being the "land of wa(harmony)." A possible double meaning is also the simple, more boring idea that "wa"(和) is also used in Japanese to distinguish between Japanese and Western(洋, said yoh, not yuu).

"Wafuku/youfuku" - Japanese/Western clothing.
"Washitsu/youshitsu" - Japanese-style/Western-style rooms.

If everyone already knew this, please ignore me. ^^; )
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