Juli (juli_rawks) wrote in egl,

How taboo are shiny fabrics in qi-lolita?

Since qi-loli is such a popular subject lately I thought I'd ask for some opinions.
Normally in most kinds of Lolita, velvet, satin, and other shiny fabrics are kind of taboo, and acceptable only under a few conditions which out looking cosplay. How does this fit into qi-loli though? A lot of chinese tops/dresses you find in the states are made of shinier materials such as satin or satin like fabrics. Is this acceptable in staying with the style? I know some girls use tops they by in Chinese stores to alter into qi-loli tops.

Also, does anyone have examples of HOMEMADE or home altered qi-loli outfits? I've seen one girl post some once but can't find them. I DO want to make a qi outfit. Also, I know about the milky ange dresses.

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