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Piccie post!

Took some photos last tuesday. Thought I'd post them cuz I really like how they turned out.
And not enough people combine black with pink!


warning: large images

All photos are (c) Nannie P

bigger version. I really like how my eyes turned out in this one. The light was so beautiful! I love sun sets! ^^

The light! :D The two first ones are my absolute favourites from the shoot.
my petti is so dead I really, really need to get a new one >_< *is somewhat broke*

I keep telling myself to reduce the waist on this skirt cuz it's waay too big but I just never do. I'm lazy XD

I always get tons of mosquito bites whenever I go outside. Annoying? well yes! (I even managed to get a mosquito bite in the middle of january! how do I do it?!)

Actually, this and the last picture are both candid pictures. which I find unbelivable since I always turn out to look like a complete retard in all candid shots! I was kindas lost in thoughts, humming rosenrot.. XD (which I'm going to perform in front of my school in a week... yeeks! german! O_o)

not so very candid, as you might have noticed X'D

thinking about a certain.. person <_< always makes me smile ^^

my skirt looks short, which it is not so I find it weird D:
anywho! that was some of the pictures from that shoot ^^ hope you enjoyed!

and here's one from a mini-convention I was at two weeks ago XD

I look like a 4 year old! XD

Anywho! That was all for this time. There's a strong possibility I'll take a few pictures tomorrow so be prepared for more picture spamming! ;D
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