cidsa (cidsa) wrote in egl,

Sale or Trade

I have a pair of white rockinghorse shoes in the ballerina style. They are official Vivienne Westwood's and they are barely used (never worn outside). They are a UK size 6, I'd say if you normally wear L or LL brand shoes they will probably fit.

There is a little bit of damage, the back of the heels (on the inside) are a little worn because I had heel liners in that I took out, there is also a bit of wrinkling in the leather, but nothing major (and it's normal).

I would like to trade for any VW rockinghorse shoe in a UK4. I'd love ballerina, golf, slave or baby style.. I will also consider other VW shoes as well, as long as they are a UK4 or maybe 5.

If someone is interested in buying, I paid 300GBP originally (250 original, 50gbp shopping service fee). Due to some use I can knock the price down to 200GBP ($400USD) not including shipping.

The only reason I'm thinking of letting these go is because they are too big. I would really, really love to get a pair that fit properly.

Here is an older pic of them:

I will take more pictures upon request (and as soon as my camera is done charging).

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