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Gothic Lolita at work (WTB)

I work at a school and have just been promoted - sort of. I now need to wear less vibrant clothing and wear some semblance of a plain blouse, neat trousers and no more ougrageous shoes. Which rains on my parade, frankly!

So, I urgently need elegant, non-OTT shirts for work! I can't afford much, but show me what you got and if i like it i'll try negotiating ^^ The very notion of having to leave my style behind makes me wince - so please, help to take my lifestyle to work with me T_T 

My measurements in inches are as follows:
Bust: 36-42
Waist: 32-36
Hips 38-44

In terms of more specific pricing, i can afford up to $30 per shirt, exclusing postage to England - but if something really amazing (brands especially) cmes along, I'm prepared to pay up to $50.
Thankies <3

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