The Canary (thecanary) wrote in egl,
The Canary

Wig Question

This is semi-lolita related. But does anyone know anything about purchasing a heat resistant wig? International Wig® offers a good range of them but I have no idea if they're any good. Is it the same standards as picking out a normal wig?

Edit: Well after doing a little hunting on google I came up empty handed other then to those weary of it's resistant power the UltraLux material used to make the wig. They also make light bulbs out of it.

Edit 2: All previous comments deleted. Why? Because I want to know if anyone could tell me about said product not about how I could style a normal wig or about real hair wigs. So please unless it's about an actual heat resistant wig don't comment. I'm sorry to snap but it's a little frustrating opening my mailbox to find 10 comments of information I'm not looking for.
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