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Being the dork that I am...

If you actually bothered to collect bugs for Agatha, does it strike you that she may be the Hyrulian version of Lolita? She wears a frilly dress, when you first meet her she has a parasol, she goes into adorable raptures about the bugs you bring her, and her house is cute. And she's a princess no less.

I also found it interesting upon reading many comments and entries, a lot of you confessed to have been tomboys (or still are). I must admit, although never being a full blown tomboy myself, I've liked a lot of "boy" things (legos, actiony shows and movies, sports...although I like sports because it's the only thing on TV I can knit to and not miss anything).

Lolita kind of being the antithesis of tomboy...what on earth do you think drew you to it? For me...it was a natural chain of events. I watched whatever my brother watched. He watched Voltron, I liked it. I grew to like anime, then I liked Japan and its culture, then I became enamored with their fashion. I wasn't too crazy about the punk style, but lolita seemed to resinate with me. And I still can't explain why all of a sudden elegance and cuteness matters, but it does (shifty eyes to a certain Queen of a certain kingdom of Dorks).
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