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regarding Gothic&Lolita music (plus a serious question)

Hey there my fellow frill-fanatics (Sorry, I just couldn't resist). I have a couple of questions for you all, one being about music and another that got me thinking real hard about the cause of Lolita to enter your lives.

Okay, now like most everyone else in the world, I am a Gothic Lolita who cannot live without music (plus I am a musician so there you go). But of course, many styles/genres of music can help to enhance a person's lifestyle if they so choose to think that way. That being said, what kinds of music do YOU like to listen to as a Gothic Lolita or Ama Lolita girl/boy? I for one get my energy from rock music and like many different bands, but I also have a wiiiide selection of Jrock bands *GASP* Oh no! It's a Jrock fangirl, she might be vicious! run for your life! (a part of me is really getting tired of that stereotype). Now that I got that out of the way, I think there are a select few J-artists that are good for the Lolita soul.

For a cute, pinky Lolita, I'm sure EVERYONE knows about Kana and Nana Kitade. BUT! I recommend the band Judy and Mary. They have a hard rock feel, but the vocals are a cute female that would be perfect for anyone who likes the more adorable side of punk. Like their song Motto:

For a Gothic Lolita, something a little darker or with a smoother vocal line could be good for a nice calm atmosphere. Nothing like what Dir en Grey is doing now. Some of the older stuff by Buck-Tick is just wonderful, and Atsushi Sakurai's voice is a pure, yet powerful seduction. It's almost as if an elegant aristocrat were singing you to sleep in the song Dress:

Now I'm not trying to tell you what to listen to, I'm just trying to make a few friendly recommendations. So there is no need to bite my head off about the choices. And hey, if you have a few other bands/artists that you think fit the lifestyle, by all means tell me!

PLUS: This question popped into my head last night while reading the Trevor Brown article in Gothic&Lolita Bible...What inspired you to become Lolita, or how did you discover it and become intrigued? I for one will admit I got interested in Gothic & Lolita back in 2002 when I started listening to Malice Mizer. Started out as an anime girl with my favorite being Nightwalker, but then I heard the music from MM's Bara no Seido and I was hooked. I looked for more pictures of the band online, and I ran across a few scans of Mana-sama from the earlier Bibles. I then purchased Bible #3 from a bookstore and the rest is history.

I won't call myself a veteran, but my Lolita lifetyle has expanded since then...and I have seen that more anime and games are starting to have a Lolita theme to them. But now I must ask you again if you don't mind for curiosity's sake...How did you find out about Lolita? Was it from anime or a friend or just looking at pictures somewhere?
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