saraclaudia (saraclaudia) wrote in egl,

coordination help please!

Hello ^-^
I've been trying to think how to coordinate this propery for days, and still can't think of anything so I need some help!
(I am a noob, please tell me if I'm doing something wrong!)

I'm getting this dress:
with this skirt:
(that's if f+f get back to me anytime soon.. grr)

I'm thinking of getting a long blonde curly wig (anyone know where to get a nice one?) and a black mini top hat and hopefully I can find some ribbon that matches the dress to decorate it.

But I just can't think of what socks or handbag to go with it!

would black socks be too much black? would socks that are a similar shade to the dress be ok, if I can't find ones that match perfectly?
would sheer socks be bad? would black/sheer vertical stripe socks be far too much?

what kind of handbag should I use? I don't have any ideas for this.

and to make things even harder, I don't have amaizing amounts of cash and I need it all within three weeks!

Please help!
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