Red Power Ranger ソランジ (redninjawinz) wrote in egl,
Red Power Ranger ソランジ

Shopping Service

I will be offering a shopping service from tomorrow morning until the 22nd of May. It will be a really limited shopping service. I really mean this when I say LIMITED! I will only offer shopping service to the following Shops:


Tomorrow and Sunday only, I can take a limited number of items from:
Angelic Pretty
Heart E
Closet Child
Innocent World

I don't live by Harajuku and I charge so little that I would be paying you to go get your item if I went by train so I like to go to shops I can bike to.

I have feedback on lolita database and on ebay as Soranjihime. Swimmer's Website,, now offers the headphone designs online. Please use the site to see the designs they have. For shops like BABY and Angelic Pretty(Tomorrow ONLY!), please check the site. For Baby please try to add it to the cart, if it says no, it's sold out.

NO PAROSOLS!! There are no boxes in Japan to fit them and I don't have te time to make on from old boxes for ten people.

I charge 500yen for items under 5,000y and then 10% for items over 5,000yen. Reguardless of the item price I charge a paypal fee using I'm going to have to ask you to fill out this form in an email if you would like to use my service because I shouldn't have to guess what you want.

My email is Please put Shopping Service in the Email subject.

Item name:
Item Number:
Picture or link:
Item Price:

Please use this form because sometimes stores have items that share pictures. If the item is over 5,000y I need payment in advance because I cannot be stuck with the item if you back out. Please post any questions or email me.

For shipping, I can either ship your item on Monday or next week or I can save on shipping and ship it from the US after the 22nd.
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