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Review and snaps from Gothic&Lolita

Hey girls. This came in the mail today, so I thought I'd give you a quick review and some snaps.

Quote from the foreword:
These images show an alternative vision of the Gothic and Lolita sensibility. Having removed the darkened atmosphere the Goths envelop themselves in, they become more human and the rich detail of their outfits can be seen more clearly. The Lolitas are recorded not as dwellers of a romantic fantasy but as real women living in contemporary Japan. It is only when we enter their homes and personal spaces that reality and fantasy overlaps.

Basic facts:
The format and size is the same as the Fruits and Fresh Fruits. This time photographer Masayuki Yoshinaga and subculture expert Katsuhiko Ishikawa (foreword author) have chosen to portray the Japanese gothic and lolita scene. It's published by Phaidon Press and is available through your various internet book dealers.

About the contents:
If you bought it because of the cover and was expecting a whole book filled with just lolita, you might be disappointed.

Fully coloured and a bit heavy, the Gothic&Lolita is filled to the brim with a wide variety of interpretations of the scene. Anything goes in here - from plastic coloured UV tubes to the frilliness we all know and love. Even some Takuya Angel! I'll get to that later.

Majority of the pictures are street snaps. What I found most interesting was the portraits of the goths and lolitas in their rooms. It just goes to show that for some people it's just fun and games while some others take it in as a part of their whole lives.

Personal opinions:
For me this book is a nice addition to my collection. I will flip through it many times as I've had with my Fruits book for inspiration and just for fun. What made me smile the most was the wide spectrum of creativity in the outfits.
Seeing the Takuya Angel designs was at first a bit of a question mark since I myself never seen them as either gothic or lolita - but hey, I love the designs! And I don't really mind. ^^

For the people who are solely into the lolita and not so much the gothic this book might be a bit disappointing because the lolita shots are relatively few in comparison to the other subgenre styles. All the shots are fun though, so if you like street and club fashion overall this is a nice book.

Crappy snaps with my digicam since I didn't go to school today:

Twins and bonnets. ^^

Twins and an aristocrat.

Cute ouji and, imho, a stunning dress that the picture just isn't doing any justice.

Apparently this girl designed the dress herself. Talk about talented.

Takuya Angel and, behold, BROLITAS! ^^

One of the room snaps. I'm loving the theme - and their Gloomy rug!

Another room snap, a bit sweeter. ^^

Do we recognize these girls? YES WE DO! ^^
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