Victoria (crazisilverange) wrote in egl,

Hey everyone ^-^ long time no post~!

I wanted to ask everyone if anyone has any picpics of underbust jumperskirts specifically by victorian maiden or metamorphose but preferbly by victorian maiden =P!

ahh and heads up for those who missed out last time ^-^!
My jesus diamante replica hair barrettes will show up soon, however the price has gone up by $0.75 *grumbles on about customs*, so look out for the sale post ^-^ the pearls now come in blk/cream/pure white with standard ribbon colors of pink/blk/white/custom?

another good news, ^-^ my website for selling lolita/hime gyaru clothing and accesories hopefully will be up soon ^-^
the sample dresses will come around middle of june or earlier, after a few photoshoot they'll be up for reservations XD with a *secret* and after that i'll only order 3 of the dresses for stock for the website^-^~! so if you like them get them while you can^o^!

Sneak preview ^-^
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
sorry can't show you everything ^o^ got to leave something for your imagination
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