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GIANT LIST of spring/summer shoes for the budget-conscious lolita!

It's a well-known fact among my friends that when I get bored on the internet, I go shoe-shopping.

Well, I was bored tonight.

So I went through a few of my favorite shoe sites of some great spring/summer shoes for lolita outfits.

The best part is that most of them are under $30!

I don't know how many of you agree, but I'm a BIG fan of peep=toe or sandal-style shoes with lolita (not like flipflops or strappy sandals, more along the line of Baby's new shoes). After all, sometimes it's just tooooooooo hot to wear socks or tights. I'd say  it's worth bending the "modest leg covering" rule to avoid heatstroke, amirite?

Anyway, on to the shoes. I've included pictures and links to all of the shoe listings!

Honeybunch Ribbon-stitch Slide
Payless, $9.99, in pink, black, and white

American Eagle brand Calypso D'Orsay
Payless, $17.99, in natural and navy. How cute would these be with a sailor-lolita dress?

Krazy Peep-toe Platform
Payless, $14.99, in blush patent.

American Eagle Katchy pump
Payless, $19.99, in black or silver (which looks white to me O.o)

Steve Madden Master Wedges
Cutesy Shoes, $74.99 (not so cheap, but still). Black only.

Madden Girl Lydiaa Pumps
Cutesy Shoes, $32.99, in natural (beige) and black.

Sugar Betsey Bo Peep Whale Wedges
You have to admit, they'd look adorable with a casual outfit for summer. XD
Cutesy Shoes, $35.99, pink with whale, blue with lobster, and navy with frog.

GoMax Diva27 pumps
THe main gripe I have with these is the colors and the thinness of the heal, but I think the ankle-ties are really cute!
Cutesy Shoes, $19.99, in silver, black, and gold.

MIchael Antonio Celia Wedges
The soles aren't real wood, but they sure look like it!
Cutesy Shoes, $19.99, in plum, tan, black, and olive.

GoMax Upon27 pumps
Cutesy Shoes, $18.99, black only.

Classified Eunice Wedges
Cutesy Shoes, $17.99, black only.

Delicious Bobby Heels
Cutesy Shoes, $17.99, in yellow, pink (WHICH IS ADORABLE), light beige, and black.

Wild Diva Gemma 22 Wedges
Cutesy Shoes, $17.99, in red and black.

Delicous Locate Pumps
Cutesy Shoes, $17.99, in white, silver, and black.

Delicious Lisa Wedges
Cutesy Shoes, $17.99, in floral, mauve (light pink), yellow, and light beige.

classified Makiyo Flats
Cutesy Shoes, $12.99, in red, black, and white.

Soda Madrid Flats
Cutesy Shoes, $12.99, in black, white, gold (ew), and light blue.

Wild Diva Monet23 Flats
Cutesy Shoes, $12.99, in red, green, and black.

Wild Diva Giltz39 Flats
Cutesy Shoes, $13.99, in white, black, brown, and red/black.

Bamboo Corin01 Flats
Cutesy Shoes, $13.99, in white, black, zebra and leopard (lol).

Soda Purse Flats
Cutesy Shoes, $13.99, in black, choclate, mauve, blue, white, and sand.

Soda Lily Wedges
Cutesy Shoes, $13.99, in white, mauve, natural, and black.

Bamboo Push01 Flats
These remind me of last year's "Payless lolita shoes".
Cutesy Shoes, $13.99, in white, red, black, and silver.

Paprika Kenka Wedges
Cutesy Shoes, $15.99, in red only.
These are a bit funky, but still mad cute for people who dig the pointy-toe thing. XD

Delicious Luton Pumps
Cutesy Shoes, $16.99, in white, black, strawberry, bone, and red patent, and white, black, and strawberry PU.

Delicious Hurley Heels
cutesy Shoes, $16.99, in yellow, red, and black.

Qupid Konao6 Wedges
Cutesy Shoes, $17.99, in red, black and navy.
I'M ABSOLUTELY IN LOVE WITH THESE SHOES. XD I'm buying them as soon as I have some cash to burn.

Wild Diva Alexis21 Espadrilles
Cutesy Shoes, $17.99, in black and black/red.

Satin Ballet Flats
Forever 21, $16.80, pink only.

Delicious T-strap Patent Wedge
Electrique Boutique, $26.99, in red, black, and tan.

Blossom Footwear pink sandal
Electrique Boutique, $9.99

That's all for now, as I'm entirely too tired to continue. I hope you see something you like! <3
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