e. (clarice) wrote in egl,

When I took a couple commissions in March I told some people who didn't make it on my short list that I'd email them if I did commissions again. Well, it wasn't a lie and it was well intentioned, but I've lost those emails ;p So here's the notice that I'm taking a few more for the last time. (I need to pay for my trip to UCLA. And possibly U Chicago. Augh...)

I *can* make basically anything in lolita but I *prefer* to do skirts, especially long distance, because there aren't any fitting issues. So skirt requests get preferential treatment, but I may do a JSK or somesuch.

Samples? How about some samples -

Also, I have a metric ton (...okay, like 25 yards) of this lace -

If you want something made with this lace, please to be emailing me because I'll never use it up on my own. (Benefit also being that it's really cheap because I bought it from cheap trims.)

Prices for skirts run around $35 - $90 for most designs. Skirts are finished with invisible zippers and flat or partial elastic waistbands.
Dress prices vary widely by style and materials (minimum is about $120 for a simpler JSK).

If you'd like to make an inquiry, my email's foxtoast@gmail.com~ Thanks for looking and have a fabulous day :)
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