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After much thought, and some tears, I have decided to auction off a pair of adorable white an*ten*na rocking horse boots size S. I bought them from here on EGL and the pervious seller only tried them when she got them from Closet Child, I have only worn them once. On the right boot on the platform there is a tiny dent in the wood. On the left boot on the platform there is tiny knicks. Neither of them are noticeable and other then that they are fine.

(Pictures from Closet Child)

The auction is going to start now and end May 6th, midnight (Eastern Time). After the auction ends and the winner is contacted, please pay within 3 days (paypal). If you are paying with money order or cash please let me now.

Shipping will not be included in final price. I am willing to ship internationally. Paypal fees will have to be paid by winner~ (2.9% I think )

Bid is starting $90 US. Please bid in increments of $5+. 
Highest Bid and Bidder:

The only things i'll trade them for is these shoes

or anything Moi Meme Moitie and hnaoto

Happy Auctioning!!
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