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Anime Expo Lolita Tea Party

I've seen a few posts asking if there is going to be something Lolita related at Anime Expo (in Long Beach, CA) this year so here's what I know.

From the Anime Expo Message Board -

Q.Can you come to the event if you are not competing?
A.We hope that you do come even if you're not competing.
Lolita/Aristocrat wear is requested. This is a social event and snacks
and tea will be served. Please only sign up if you or your team is

I don't know any more about it sorry XD

Otherwise like last year I will be hosting a Lolita Tea Party ^^ Information under the cut!

To be held Monday - July 2nd, 2007 - at 10am
Location -
Rainbow Lagoon East End (near the Hyatt)

Yes, it's the last day, but it's becoming a bit of tradition at conventions to hold Lolita based things on the last day and atleast gives people something to do on what is normally a very boring day. Although it may not seem as if many people will show up last year I had atleast 36 people (and I know this because besides the invites I had them bring I had that many tea cups to hand out and I had none left by the time it was over and also I know some people who showed up didn't take a tea cup) and it lasted from 10am - 1pm. I didn't expect it to last that long, but we were all have so much fun it just kept going and going lol

I already have an RSVP list of roughly 50 people who said they would like to attend. And, no, not everyone who RSVP's does show up, but since I request people to bring something to help out it's nice to have a number and always better to expect more than less!

Many of my rules from last year still stand for this year -

All forms of Lolita are welcomed - Sweet, EGL, EGA, Kodona, Dandy, Punk, Waloli, Qiloli, etc...and yes, also crossdressing is allowed as long as you do it nicely and keeps with the Lolita theme. I will also accept Anime Costumes that are based in the Lolita Fashion ^^ And you do not have to wear "Brand" outfits. Those you make yourself are always welcome. The only two I may have problems with are pure "Western Gothic" outfits and those known as "Neo-Gothic". I have nothing against the "Gothic" look (I occassionally add elements to my outfits on a daily basis) but it doesn't exactly fit the exact style.

Photos will be taken before the Tea Party because it's just easier and seems to cut down on the interruptions.

Last time I had what was called "The Tea Cup Fund" and some lovely people donated money for me to get enough tea cups for everyone to take home as a gift for attending. Now this year I am once again planning to have tea cups for everyone (and, yes, you will be able to keep them again ^_^), but I'm putting a different twist on it. As I nicknamed my Tea Party the "Mad Mad Tea Party" I decided it would be fun to have mismatched dishes so I am going around collecting tea cups from different places and will be bringing these with me. Instead of collecting money from people what I would like to do is in payment for bringing something to the party for us to use you will get one cup to take as a gift. Different things people brought last year were - tea, water, juice, napkins, cutlery, sweets, blankets/pillows, etc... Anything you can donate to be used would be fabulous! And, yes, that also means trash bags! I had a lot to clean up ^_~ It doesn't have to be super expensive and you don't have to bring more than one item.

There will be games! And bubbles! And if all goes well a few prizes for some lucky winners ^_^

Please note that this is an outdoor event. The Tea Party is definitely in the "picnic style". We did something very similiar last year except we went indoors because it was too hot!

I am thinking that we should meet up in the Hyatt Lobby and walk to the park together. That way no one gets lost and we can have fun walking down the street in Loli attire and chat.

I mention that photos will be taken before the actual event because this *is* a convention and photographers abound. We were constantly asked for our photos last year and we're too nice to refuse, but we do want to enjoy our sweets as well! I also like to have a few group ones taken and it's just better to do so before we start to eat and play ^_~

Also like last year I will be making little invites I will email to you and I ask you to print out and bring with you so I can check you off my list. Although we had several people off list join last year I do like to make sure those who took the effort to RSVP get their fun first.

And although I hate to sound like a *itch there is one rule I do enforce -

NO CATTY-NESS OR DRAMA IS ALLOWED! If this starts to happen you WILL be asked to leave. I don't intend to have my event ruined by a few mean people.

If you have any questions, would like to RSVP, or even have suggestions as to what games you would like to play please leave a comment here.

Thank you! And I hope to see many people there!

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