cidsa (cidsa) wrote in egl,

Shopping Service?

I want to know if anybody here has a shopping service. I have looked at a few and the fees are quite steep.. I may go to one of them if necessary, but I would like to get my item faster. Places like Crescent and Celga take some time and while normally that'd be okay, I need to get my item faster.

I'm needing a dress from Alice Fururun ( before May 19th, so that puts me on a bit of a tight schedule.

My comparisons are:
Celga = Fees will be about $55 (without shipping to me), can take up to 2 weeks for items to even be sent, which would be too late

Crescent = Fees would probably be over $70 (without international shipping), May also take too long

Mai Ozawa = Fees would be about $80, would be quicker but it's more expensive

Kimalucifer = Fees are close to what Ozawa charges plus extra for a rush order, due to school and such, may not be able to get it here in time

So, as you can see I'm in a bit of a pickle... I was hoping that someone here could help me out or knows of a service that would be fast but not super expensive. Right now celga is looking the best for fees and Ozawa is looking the best for speed.. BUT, I am willing to pay a steeper fee if I need to, I would just rather not have to :P

Any help you can give would be appreciated. :3

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