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DS: algonquins, hysterics, non brand

I've been holding onto these few items for too long. I haven't worn them in a while and/or they don't fit me the way I'd like. Prices are negotiable, but I can't stray too far, as they're already lower than what I paid originally. I apologize in advance for the bad pictures.

This is from the brand HYSTERICS. It's really comfy and made of nylon and polyester, so it is fairly stretchy. However, too much stretch and the text can look a bit funny. The hooks can come undone, although I usually just slipped it over. Worn a couple of times and pretty much like new. This just isn't my style anymore, so I'm selling it for about half the price I paid since I need to get it to a loving home :)

from arm pit to arm pit: 16.5 inches
length from collar to bottom: 22inches

I'd like $45 including shipping anywhere.

Up next is an amazing piece from the brand Algonquins. I love, love, love this piece, but unfortunately it doesn't fit me too well in the shoulders, so my loss is your gain. It's technically a one piece, but the couple of times I've worn it, I had it over top of cut off jeans, since I'm a bit too tall for it to look right (5'5'' to be exact)...either way it looks cute. :) The hood is detachable by buttons (as shown in pictures), so it can be versatile. There is no stretch whatsoever, so these measurments are the max. I have a 29inch waist and it fit perfectly, but the bust will vary from person to person depending on your body frame. Like new condition.

from arm pit to arm pit: 18 inches
shoulder(from seam to seam: 14.5 inches
total length: 33 inches
sleeve length: 24 inches

I'd like $70 including shipping anywhere.
SOLD thanks!

This is a cute cutsew-like pajama shirt by the brand Nick & Nora. I'm not exactly sure where it's from, but I snatched it up on a whim and it turns out it's a bit too short for me ^^; The tag says a size small and there is little to no stretch. It's a bit wrinkly in the picture due to the fact that I've had it stored away for a while(it's only been worn officially, once) and I'm not that great at folding clothes D:;;

from arm pit to arm pit: 17inches
length from collar to bottom: 21inches

I'd like $10 including shipping anywhere

*This picture has been lightened to show more detail--true color is black*

I bought this at a department store a couple of years ago. I'm not sure what brand it is, but it's a lovely gothic piece. It caught my attention right away and the quality is very nice. However, this is another piece that is not exactly my style anymore(nor do I like how it looks on me D: ). It is very stretchy and a bit sheer, but not enough to see through(unless stretched a lot). I wouldn't recommend a bust no bigger than 36" as there is a place for the bust to settle in(lol, i'm bad with wording) and it would probably look really funny.

unstretched minimum measurements...
from arm pit to arm pit: 11inches
length: 23 inches (although it varies due to the asymmetrical cut)

stretch maximum measurements...
from arm pit to arm pit: 18 inches
length: same as above

I'd like $20 including shipping.

I can only accept paypal at the moment, as I'm stressed for cash. If there is no interest after a while, I'll consider other options. I can ship international and within the USA. If using CCpaypal, please add on the extra fee amount. If you need feedback, I am on ebay under the alias "physical_neurose". I've also done several sales on here as well.

Thanks for looking!

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