Kill the idealist (petiteprincess1) wrote in egl,
Kill the idealist

Ds Country lolita dress

This is my first time every selling anything on lj.  It has been worn once by the previous owner it is in perfect condition, It is beautiful and I really wish I could keep it but oh well. This sale includes a headdress, choker and sock toppers.

(The bows on the bottom are actually spread out along the bottom, the skirt is just folded in that photo in a way that makes it look as if they're only on one side/middle. The lacing is half-tightened ) Other photos:

This dress is coming from a non pet, non smoking house.
I am going to sell this for 130 usd with shipping which is what I paid for it. 
Bust 36 inches
Waist 38 inches 
These are max mesurements
I will also being willing to do trades or partial trades

I execept non cc pay pal, money order, or very well hidden cash.

ebay feedback My account (if you look half the stuff that buy don't get weirded out I am a member of SCA so that's what the weird ren fair stuff is for)
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