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Moar Kuro Co-ordinatings

Dress; Innocent World
Blouse: Second Hand 'Lables' store
Shoes: Tightrope
Bling: Faux VW orb, cameo earings by DOTTI
Scent: REAL VW Anglomania
Hairbow: Me being ghetto again and just tying some satin ribbon 'round my noggin.

Holding it  up because I'm raging against the lolita machine and not wearing petti/bloomers (I realize that I should but standing on the train today made me grateful that I didn't cause it was packed *squished*) Also proof that I have one other facial expression rather than pouting or smirking.

banshee123 pose

Shoes - Faux sued. DUDE I bought these at Tightrope (Australian girls check it out!) for $10. They also come in creame and red.

The Heel. Ignore the grot, I had to daintly hop skip and ultimatly walk through a very dusty construction site to get to my train today.

Promises to go away until I have new-co-ordinate to show off.

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