hazaken (hazaken) wrote in egl,

WTB headress // and possible meetup in vegas

ok, so i have a dress on its way, and one im gonna purchase soon. yay! i got shoes on the way too. ^-^ double yay! but now i need headresses. =x

im looking for mostly a bow type, either headband or ribbon (prefferable ribbon, but headbands fine) i just dont think the normal headress would go so well with these. im thinking white, but it can differ.

as for pricing... well ide like to stay reasonably cheap. so that means name brands out the window (unless your willing to sell one cheap 8D) it would help if your in the us so the shipping wont be much, but i dun mind outside either. i pay with paypal. =x

so ya. for some help understanding, here are some pics of the the dresses im trying to coordinate with.

i think a white bow would look best with this, or possibly mini bows.

but in black
im not entirely sure what would go best with this. =x and thats why im open for your suggestions. 8D

also.... i was wondering the possibility of a meetup in vegas...

how many of you would be interested? i dont knnow of any other lolis in vegas besides my friend mary, but i figure its a big town, there hasta be more. so if enough of you are interested, im totally up for organizing a tea party. whatdya say? all i want to hear is 'ide be able to go!' enough of it, and ill start making plans. sound good? =3 also dont be afraid to drop me messages. especially if ya wanna help plan. =D
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