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Interested or planning on going to JACON in Orlando, FL, but rooming costs too much to stay for the whole weekend?

Details under cut, to keep the comm clean :B

My friend Tahler (female) and I are looking into booking a hotel room for the whole weekend (Friday, Saturday, AND Sunday) and we desperately need a third person. We were able to get a pretty good deal for the room, and it would be at either the World Sheraton Hotel on Internation Drive, a four star hotel, or one of the other very nice surrounding hotels.

The only condition is that you can bring the money up front, which is generally to be expected anyways. It would be $86 total per person between the three of us, a very good deal for three nights at a four star hotel if you ask me.
It would be very much preferable to be another female. :B

If you do this, I'll sleep on the floor to guarantee you get one of the beds.

If you, the reader, are not able to do this yourself, please help us out by asking anyone who might be going to Jacon and would be interested.
I greatly appreciate any effort on your part.

I understand that this is vague, and I will give more details to ensure you are comfortable upon serious replies or inquiries. You can reach me via email at:
Please understand that I myself am going out on a limb by trusting a stranger, too, and so would want someone responsible. Anything extra, like ebay or livejournal feedback, would be greatly appreciated but not required.

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