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I have a few questions about fan+friend.  (I'm sorry for a boring post!)  My fiance and I are considering making another order from them - our first order was perfect, but we would just like to check a few things before going ahead with another order.

The first question is about winter coats - My fiance is considering ordering their winter wool coat (in the men's section).  The stuff we ordered for him before was in a size medium and fit fairly well.  I was wondering when they make the winter coats do they take into consideration the extra space needed for clothing underneath, or would it be best that he go with a large to be safe?  (It has an adjustable strap in the back, so it wouldn't be too bad I think if it did end up being a bit too large).

One of the dress' I'm considering on purchasing they make in a sky blue cotton, but I don't see a sample of sky blue in their colour swatch section (labelled anyway).  I was wondering if anyone knows what their sky blue looks like?
Also, about colours, I've been wondering about their dark red - in the colour swatch samples it looks kind of maroonish.  I was wondering if it is accurate or if it is like a real (nice) dark red, or what it's like?

The last question (hopefully I think) :  When we received our order, they marked it as samples with a low value - Do they always mark the packages that way?

Thank you so much!  Any help is appreciated! ^_^

EDIT to add:

I used to have a few links bookmarked to Japanese wigs for men, now I only have one ( ).  I was wondering if anyone knows of some others.  Back to prisila for men, I've heard they are decent quality and was wondering if anyone that knows about them could give me some more information, and what would be needed as well (as I know some require extra stuff to wear properly and some don't come with it all and what not...)  (Please excuse me, I know absolutely nothing about wigs! ^^;;;).  I was also wondering if any of the ladies on here that do shopping services would do one for prisila for men or any of the other ones if I get more information?  (Actually, any information on how to wear wigs and what not would be greatly appreciated as well!)

I was wondering if anyone would have pictures of one of BtSSB's swimsuits from last summer (If I remember correctly, it also had the parfait print).  The number was 130*966  (I think).  I tried the way back machine site, but it could only get me the information and not pictures.  I also looked in the search here as I remember them being discussed when they first came out, but all the posts I could find only had links.

and LAst, I believe...

I'm modifying a sailor hat by adding stripes to the brim.  I applied the stripes to see how it looked and feel uncertain about their width.  My fiance suggested trying it with one thinner stripe with the thicker stripe (I haven't gotten the thinner stuff yet though), but I was wondering what others think.  Are the stripes too thick?  Suggestions?

Please excuse my sticky looking face.  I had been working out before I took the photos.

sitting farther back

of course, the stripes will go all the way around when finished ^^
I am also going to be adding ribbon to tie around the chin (the hat is a bit big ;_;)

Hopefully, that's it.  Thank you so much for reading and for any help anyone can provide!!
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