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Baby the star shine bright Group Order (Canada) USA WELCOME


Ok since many people think differently we will try a little survey:
Please reply the LJ post with "Canada" if you want the big items box coming directly to Quebec(ME), or reply USA if you want someone (probably black_cheschire)in USA dealing with shipping. I personnaly prefer to me for 2 reasons: I'm paranoiac + 1 shipping less to pay DAH!Please reply fast! ^_^

You must send me the links to the items you want + method of payment + adress to my e-mail jizairi (at)hotmaildotcom BEFORE THURSDAY May 3rd
I will confirm the total (fee+item cost) Friday Night and you must pay before Saturday Night 11pm
Payment would be in CANADIAN dollar because I must do a money transfert to baby with my canadian account.
If you are in Montreal we can meet for payment.
If you pay with paypal I'm sorry to charge the 4% fee (CC or Not CC) I only got one account. Don't forget to send me canadian funds, not USD the total I will give you friday will be CAD. Note: if for any reason you really need to send usd fund,than the paypal fee would be 6% since paypal charge a hidden fee of 2% for a currency change while tranfert.
If your item is SOLD OUT you have 48 hours to send me an other link of something else you want. If you don't ,I'll send you a refund.

I'll provide the tracking number to everyone so we can check the package togeter ^___^ And when the items will be received from baby, You will have to pay the shipping and ajustement if there's (if someone back up because it is sold out, the basic fee will increase a bit and if there's customs)

That's about it, feel free to ask question here or on my email.

::END OF EDIT::Hello!

I wanted order from Baby Sunday, May 6th
About fees, it goes like this:

The bank fees is 32.50$ for a money transfert(I know, it is expensive but it seems Baby do not accept our canadien money order ;_;)
These fees will be split equally between people who order.(So, More people = more cheap)

About shipping fees, they will be split depending on weight so, you pay on ratio product/package. (ex: socks would be about 4$ but wood sole shoes 28$ XD)Then shipping to your place (between ~5-18$ depending of what you takes)

If there is depressing customs fees, these will be split based on the value of your order/package.

If anybody in united-States wanted to plan a baby group order in the next days and have feedbacks on loligoth_dbs I would be more then intérested to make this order via USA. The customs fee are less, and we could ship things from USA to canada with a lower value on package + I think it is less expensive to do that internationnal postal money order there.

Thank you!

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