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For me, Lolita = Love...i actually feel happy, and really pretty when i wear it...unlike pants...i have a pants problem, skirts, especially with petticoats are lovely ^^

anyways, i've seen topics about how people react to you in public, i went out the other day with turbo_san and the reactions were the typical ones i guess, although no one asked if we were homeless today *still cant get over the nerve of that lady*

my question today would be, "how do your friends and family react?" i ask this because ....
my mother has always supported my individuality when it comes to expressing myself, there were somethings she drew the line at (tattoos...understandable...the majority of peircings i asked to get she said no to....thank you for that...but overall fairly easy going) my mother actually introduced me to fruits in 2001 as a birthday gift which then got me into lolita (as the majority of what i liked in there were lolita, or lolita inspired outfits) but now, whenever i put a pettcoat on...she just shakes her head and rolls her eyes and mutters something under her breath about my being ridiculous...

yesterday when i got home from tea and watching a friends fashion show at the mall, i asked the my boyfriend thought about it, his exact quote was "'s your style...but, it really depends on how all out you today with the oversized bow, you look like your trying to be a child, when your at the age when you really shouldnt..." makes me think he's ashamed of how i dress

some of my friends love it, even though they dont fully understand it, although this could have something to do with the fact that i'm "the baby" (the youngest out of all my friends from high school, i've been called the baby for...6 years now? almost 7...thats a scary thought...i'm old!) they think it's "unbelieveablly cute" and encourage me to dress at least casual loli or lolita inspired as often as i can considering i usually save "full out lolita" for special days or when i'm feeling particually brave XD they've asked me a few times to help them make clothes like the ones i have

so overall, how do your friends and family act? 100% supportive? embaraseD? or just dont care?? how do you feel about that?

i put it under a cut because i wasnt too sure if 1) people wanted all this text, and 2) if it had been done countless times before
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