Marki (markidesade) wrote in egl,

WTT: Meta Tall Blouse

Looking to trade my Meta tall-size blouse for either of these Baby blouses.

Preferrably the first one.

crappy cell phone pic of my blouse to show it exists

My blouse is still in good condition, but is missing the buttons for the back bow. There is one replacement button on the inner tag, but I haven't found a matching one at the stores around me. I do still have the ties for the back. Also, it comes with the neck bow as pictured on Meta's item page here. It is the style with the crown lace, not the raschel.

The blouse will be freshly cleaned before it's shipped.

Size: For the bust I'd recommend a 42" and under, any bigger will result in gaping unless you pin it. The waist is basically free sized.

Feedback: I don't have much, but what I do have is on loligoth_dbs and on ebay here

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