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Direct Sale Auction! BtSSB, MMM, and more

All these DS sales will be done auction style. Highest bidder on MAY 4th at 10:00Pm US Central time shall be the winners. Prices do NOT include shipping. However, if the Mini-hat goes to 40$ or over and if any of the dresses go up to 170 or over, I will include shipping in the price. Thank you, and happy bidding!

BtSSB BxW OP W/ detachable sleeves
Starting Bid LOWERED TO: 70USD

Bust: 36inches (see note!)
Waist: 28 inches
Note: I think this dress would probably fit someone with a bust slightly smaller than 36. But I say it can potentially fit that much because I am 36 in the bust and I was able to wear it. Please note, however, that I was unable to sort of fudge my way into the dress by zipping it up halfway, slipping it over my head, and then zipping it up the rest of the way.

BtSSB Bordeaux Velvet dress
Current Bid: 120USD

Bust: up to 36 inches (due to shirring)
Waist: 28 inches
Note: The dress appears shiny in the photos but is definitely not in real life. It's just impossible to photograph this thing in such a way that it doesn't appear shiny. It comes with a lovely matching Choker.

MMM BlackxNavy JSK
Current Bid: 255USD

Bust: up to 33 inches. I can't stress this enough...this dress WILL NOT FIT YOU if you're any bigger than that in the bust!!!
Waist: Up to 27-28 inches.
Note: This is a really beautiful piece and I hate parting with it, but I need the monies and I'd rather it had a home where it fit someone properly.

Indies Brand Mini-hat
Current bid 25USD

Note: I regret to say that I have NO IDEA which Indies Brand this mini-hat is from, as it doesn't seem to have any sort of tag indicating that >_<. I bought it at the Union Jack store in Osaka where they carry all sorts of adorable accessories. I really fell in love with the print on it. It's scenes from the story of Cinderella.

Please feel free to email me with any additional questions you may have or to request additional photos. My email is

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