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Once Upon a Time (Okay, So, Saturday)

I had a bunch of fantastic folks over to my house for a dress rehearsal/fitting/pizza party for the upcoming ACEN lolita fashion show! But this post is not at all about them! (I wouldn't want to give away the outfits before the fashion show anyway). This post is about the newest member of my family!!! Her name is Cupcake, she is long and fuzzy, and she weighs 7 lbs. Aaaand since I was having a bunch of lolitas over I decided that she simply had to have a dress! Personally, though, I think she prefers her t-shirts and hoodies...

"I dunno about this..." says Cupcake.

We match!

Here she is saying, "Have been kidnapped by fluffy girl in pink. Plz send help!"

"Please put me down. I've got things to do, people to lick, cats to chase. C'mon mom!"

"I just want them to meet you!"

"Well, all right... this had better end in treats!"

(don't worry, it did, and lots of attention)

Thus concludes our little photostory (not really a story)...


PS: Do not click that last tlink if you are offended by frilly puppy butt!

Anyway, I just thought I'd post these in case anybody was having a crappy Monday. Also, if I look just as harried as Cupcake in these photos it's because my house was a clothing EXPLOSION this weekend (in fact, I think somebody else was using my petticoat when these were taken!) which was complete chaos but also a whole lot of fun. I'm pretty excited because, as of Saturday, the ACEN fashion show is GO!
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