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Photo post. . . Tea Time

 Well. . Because
  posted her photos of my tea party I figure I might as well post mine as well. . .  XD (is a shy loli)  We had our Fairytale themed Tea Party (a week ago was it?) a little while ago. . and I've negelcted to post any pictures~! (oh noes!) so I figured It's about time to share it all with you!

Warning. . lots of pictures!

On the 22nd a few lovely lolis and one very game dandy gathered at my house for a fairytale tea~! You'll all have to forgive my photography skillz. . .they make even the prettiest loli look like a zombie -_-; I don't even know whay I own a camera

I am much better at cooking though XD Every thing blue and heartshaped is vegan! yay! This never would have looked so pretty without my little brother or the wonderful lupintursi Both of whom helped me bake all the pretties you see~!

One more shot of the food. . . (because I miss it)

Now to the real pretties! We are from left to right: Ren, lupintursi, Me, silverfairy886, Grace in the back row and Aviva, Wendy and kuja_ma_kitty in the front row! Unfortunatly fruitdefendu hadn't gotten there yet! It was very windy outside! so everyones hair got messed up -_-;

My poor petti flattened with all my running around!
I dressed up as Cinderella!
My outfit:
Crown (you cant' see it so much): Claires
Dress: Made by me
Underskirt: Made by me
Socks: Made by me (walmart socks with lace added)
Shoes: Montreal
Oh so fantastic right XD

kuja_ma_kitty has a private dance party.
She dressed as the cheshire cat! (can't you tell with her grin and her pink and purple stripes!)
She made her whole outfit! and I have no idea where her shoes came from ^_^

We went inside to eat then Wendy read our fortunes! It was so much fun. After that we went out front to the courtyard for less windy pictures
But here is the wonderful fruitdefendu as Rapunzzel and the resident Barefot Loli lupintursifruitdefendu's outfit:
She dresses as Rapunzzel
Blouse: Baby I think?
JSK: Meta
the rest: no idea. . but she looked so pretty and her long long wig looks wonderful on her!

lupintursi's outfit
She dressed as the little mermaid XD
:Headband (all pearls and pretty): from Claires
Dress: Made by me ^_^
I love my barefoot loli buddy!

Aviva looking pretty in the garden! I don't know where her outfit came from But she looked so cute! I love her long curly hair!

Here you can acctualy see her -_-; I'm sorry my pictures are terrible. . they only get worse from here.

And here she is with her Beau Izzy ^_^ who was nice enought to take our pictures!

Grace the only person not to familiar with Lolita style there ^_^; She put up with us so nicely! and she's so cute!
She's dressed as Alice!
I made her dress and apron. . but I'm not shere where the rest of her outfit came from.

THe Poor gil had been standing like that for about 5 minutes by the time I got my camera to work . . .
She was our casual punk loli Snow White
Her blouse is from forever 21 and I made her skirt. she made her glovies. (they have little apple buttons on them . . poisen apples)

And here is Wendy in the garden! She dressed as the Queen of Hearts. . I don't know where her dress was from but she looked so pretty~!

Wendy and I XD (I'm thinking maybe her prettiness will rub off on me ><)

Back to the table (Kuja, Ren and I) . . and I swear I'm not evil looking all the time!

I just can't be in  a picture without making a stupid face. . .

(proof -_-;; . . . and that's why I'm a shy loli. . . because I always act like a dinosaur infront of cameras) Shame.

ok.. just pretties now

lupintursi steals my camera for a loli myspcae shot

Loli under glass! (err. . .screen)

Sorry to all you whose pictures I mangled! I really shouldn't be allowed to have a camera -_-; But thank you all for coming!!

I was so happy to have so many pretty lolis in my house~!
if anyone wants their pictures down just let me know!!

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