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Fun at the Sakura Matsuri

I wanted to go the meet up at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens on Saturday...and I was...but a friend died and I had to attend his funeral.

So, after a day of feeling naucious, teary eyed and down, my my family volunteered to take me today. I'm still saving up for lolita clothing, and I know all the loli-chans were out in force yesterday, but I did find a few people who helped brighten my day!

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I warned her she'd end up here and she seemed all right with it. If this is you, you really made me smile! I saw you later, and had half a mind to chase you down and take more pictures, you were so cute! My dad actually said, "I saw her and thought Cinderella and princesses!" I told him that to a lolita that is the ultimate compliment! (Although Alice might have been better, but I digress...)

There were a few other people I took pictures of, but I didn't tell them I might put them up here, so I won't use them.

I have a lot of pictures, but they're not loli related, so I'm saving them for my personal journal entry. It's the little things that make me smile.
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