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I have a con coming up and I need money ASAP.  I only accept Paypal at this time, sorry.





Meta A-Line

I bought this over EGL and wore it once.  -.-  My boobs are so big that it looks bad on me.  I wore it the Rocky Horror Picture Show and then it hung in my closet for about three months and now I am selling it because it’s no good to me.  My bust is a 44in/110cm.  It would look good on someone smaller though.  T-T 

Price: $70 with shipping in the US.





Hot Topic platform boots. 

Size 9 ½ - 10

I have had these for almost five years now.  I wore them TWICE!!  @_@  Once to school and once to rocky.  FYI, I ran a race in them and I almost won.  ^.^  There are a few marks on the back which I didn’t try to remove.

Price:  $40 with shipping in the US

Weight: total together 3 ½ pounds.



Non-brand skirts

I found these two skirts and I bought them but I look terrible in skirts.  -_-‘ 


Orange skirt: Max waist 34in / Min waist 24in

Other skirt: Max waist 38in / Min waist 24 ½ in



Apple Sugar pink and white headdress

Price: $15 including shipping in the US

I love it but I don’t have anything pink.  This is on a head band so there are no ribbons to tie.  ^_^



Pink Foppish Hamburger Purse

Price: $25 with shipping

Please give it a good home.  This is a Japanese brand Foppish bag.  The chain strap comes off easily for hand carrying.


Thread Skeins

I know that a lot of loli’s do hand crafts and what not.  I enjoy embroidery myself.  I have four piles of these.  I’ve got lists of the colors and codes for each pile and how many are in them.  I am selling them by the pile.  They were given to me as a present and as much as I appreciate it, I don’t need this much thread.  ^__^’ 

Price: $15 for a pile including shipping in the US.



Coffin Backpack

Well… It was a gift but… I’m Jewish and it has a cross on it.  >.>

Price: $20 including shipping in the US.



Hello Kitty Kimono doll

Price: $15 including shipping in the US

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