Amy the Yu (amy_the_yu) wrote in egl,
Amy the Yu

Pint size waloli

I made a wee little waloli inspired outfit for one of my dolls.  It was supposed to be the prototype for a pattern I can use to make more to sell, but...

this is what I think of sewing, so that's never happening. XD

I'm pretty happy with how it came out though since it was made in 1 night cause I didn't want her to be nekkid and I didn't have enough of ANYTHING, but was too lazy to go out to the fabric store. >_> *really really lazy*

My Dream of Doll Bee-A (one of far too many dolls that I own).  She still lacks proper shoes for this outfit cause I R LAZYASS! 8D

Probably the only decent thing I've ever made from fabric leftovers. >_>;;

Pseudo-artistic shot.  (Not really, just the only clean area in my room that actually has lighting.)

Slightly better shot of the outfit (though still crapasstic, THANK YOU SENILE, OLD CAMERA).

Comments are welcome, but don't tell me how you dislike dolls cause I'll just delete the comment w/o reading.  I don't tell you your face is ugly, so don't tell me my doll is creepy, cause if you tell me my doll's creepy, my natural reaction isn't too pleasant, so let's just avoid the flame wars altogether and keep it at "if you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all", kay?  (I'm sure many if not all doll owners will agree with me in that we don't appreciate negative comments being made about our dollies.) -_-;; *in a bad mood cause she had 4 senile hobos approach and flip out on her while hanging out with friends yesterday*
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