ashlee (faunkegin) wrote in egl,

WTB Pink Heart Buckle Shoes & Beret & Baby dress

I've been wanting these items, and one is sold out in the size I want, one is sold out in the colour I want, and the other is just plain sold out.

I've checked Y!Japan auctions and several other places, and I can't find anything.

Any help would be appriciated. n___n

Shoes from Baby: (I would need a M, L, or LL. All they have on the Baby site is a S. ;_; )

Hat from Angelic Pretty:

Dress from Baby: (I don't know what size difference there are, but I would need like around a 31 bust and 27 waist)

ALSO: If you are selling any PINK or BABY BLUE coloured dresses from a BRAND store, I would like to take a look at them!! I might be interested~

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