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Trade Quick Survey

I have a white Metamorphose Emblem bag and I have only left the house with it a couple times since I began taking harder classes with bigger books. I don't want to hurt the poor gal anymore, and I really want to see some new things (used is good, but new to me, you know what I mean. :D) in my loli-life.

The bag was last on Meta's website for around $190, but I paid more than that! I'd say after use mine is worth around $150. The bag will receive a thorough touch-up before it is shipped. The bag is no longer on Meta's website, and when I was in Japan I only saw one at the store, but that was November. It can fix two standard 500 page hardcover textbooks and some notepads. I haven't test it but I'm also sure a 15 inch laptop might fare in this bag. My laptop is too big though, so I can't say for sure.

I'm looking for brand bags, jumper skirts, blouses and SHOES. My shoe size is a 38 euro or a L to LL brand. I fit into most baby stuff. I might also sell the bag but trades sound more scrumptious to me right now. I'm kind of picky, but don't be afraid to offer something. You don't have to offer it here, you can email me, kimberlee.redman at

I'm looking for: Tea party shoes, AP cutsews, jumperskirts, AaTP stuff.

I also love ling lam shoes and other off brand shoes and bags too.

But really, this isn't my christmas list, so just make an offer and we can see if we can work something out. I will only consider trades from those with some sort of reputable feedback, namely ebay/paypal or knowing one of my friends, but most of those folks have feedback anyway.

I also wouldn't mind a trade offer on
This fully shirred Angelic Pretty blouse. It needs a quick trip to the dry cleaners. I'm looking for something less shirred with a similar if not identical collar. This is THE perfect blouse for under jumper skirts but for some reason I only have skirts and one pieces.

Thanks for looking. Please ask any questions you have here on in my email. I respond fairly quickly.


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