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I was very pleased with today's massive turnout at the Sakura Matsuri meetup! :D In fact, I was ecstatic--NYC hasn't seen a meetup this large in some time!

There was a little misunderstanding of our outfits from time to time, and the cosplayers often crowded us, and we were certainly bullied by photographers, but all in all a good time was had, I think. I know I had fun.

Keep in mind this is only a small part of the photos that were taken--bakaxtenshi took waaaayyy more than I did, and took some video too, so you'll all soon learn what a retarded voice I have, if you didn't know already.

Typically, I was the first one to arrive despite being an hour late and getting there at noon. tokyosheart on the left and teh_janitor_jim on the right (and her elegant boyfriend's foot) were the next to arrive and actually stay put. sukiyume sort of checked in with me and then left to watch a documentary, along with Aya, whose LJ name I did not catch (burrikkoxp, or was that your friend?). Note how I cleverly used the parasol as a shade for the food. :C I have now got a bit of a sunburn on my face for the sake of the food.

THIS was the grand lot of us. If you don't see your LJ name here, pipe up and I'll edit it. I just forgot, I swear. xD
From left: bakaxtenshi/John in Sex Pot, his and Morgan's friend Joyce (not a lolita, clearly, please don't try to pick on her), darcia26/Morgan in Metamorphose SWEETS, Kimberly in Metamorphose, Amy in Bodyline, me looking short-bus-y in Forever21 and Meta, tokyosheart/Regina in Rakuen, silver_youko/Rachel in I'mnotsureIforgottoaskI'msorry, teh_janitor_jim in handmade, sukiyume/Virginia in BtSSB, mireichan1331 in BtSSB also, (I forgot your name also even though I've met you before, I'm bad at this) in (I didn't ask about this either!), and Alexis in (I assume handmade).

I am MAD forgetful :C

This little old lady was the biggest bully of a photographer around. She started directing Regina and Rachel there, and then told me to jump in. I stayed patient for about three shots and then started to wander off to go hang with John and Midori again, but she pointed at me accusingly and said, "DON'T YOU MOVE! DON'T YOU GO ANYWHERE!" She ended up wrangling most of us and used a whole roll of film on us.

Revenge candid shot of John. Joyce didn't deserve it, but she got in the line of fire.

Random side story: I got approached by some Japanese girls while I was standing up from the picnic blanket, and they asked if they could get a short interview. Their questions seemed fairly normal until they asked, "What is your favorite word or phrase in English?" I think I told them lolita just because they seemed to want them. Who thinks about these things enough to be able to say it right off the bat?

Then their photographer friend took a photo of them with me, and while they left, he stayed behind. He asked me if he could take two polaroids of me, which I let him. He had me sign the portrait one he kept, and signed the one he gave me, and then actually he tried to chat me up. I should have taken a photo of the polaroid, I don't know if polaroids are okay on the scanner, lol. On the back it says "Ken Minami," I think, in Roman alphabet, and in katakana, ゴスロリ. It's a cute souvenir.

Erin and her boyfriend!

I'm not sure what killed Kim but we sure had fun poking the body with sticks.

The photos occurred in blitzkriegs. One person would ask, "Oh, may I take your photo? You're so cute!" and suddenly there would be a row of people with cameras, taking photos nonstop and holding us hostage.


Most notably, the mother of these two kids knew immediately what I was, asking in a British accent, "Oh, you look lovely! Lolita, yes?" Also, the children are cute, though I haven't the foggiest what happened to their shoes.

I'm not sure how well you can see here, but the trees just sort of exploded and sakura petals were EVERYWHERE. It looked like a swarm of locusts.

Two girls in Bodyline who weren't with us. I wonder what the girl on the right thought about the fact that she was, in fact, one of two girls in that same dress.

This is some very poor service, because these berries didn't do a thing for me.

This man had a boner for the roriitas! ;D (A man lying around staying in such an awkward position just has to be photographed.)

hyuck hyuck hay guyz i r invade ur photo

Lost in the, err... pleasant picnicking area...

I MEAN THE WOODS. We are lost in the woods!

I always have to be the one who can't do shit right. My legs made this photo discordant imo. Also lol.

L-O-L-I-T-A in sign language! I don't know why I look so displeased about doing it.

No comment.

We made a friend in this tree.

Akira clearly said, "No motherfucking yaoi, this is going to be a cool photo," but John is out to ruin everything and decides to try for a crotch grab.

After the fight, we found John sulking under the tree. He had not counted on Akira being a ninja, but with a real name like that, there is little else to expect.

Behind the scenes! 8D

I could say he's being pensive, but it wouldn't be on anything more important than his next BPN order.

Even in jeans, John is an amazing brandwhore.

John tries to direct a photo; Morgan and Kim do not understand the words coming out of his mouth.

"You suck at photography direction, John!"

As directed by me! A little cheesy, but I think what John was aiming for.

...This was supposed to be a picture of taking a picture, John.

And for needsmorerace:

BITCH, C'MERE SO I CAN CUTCHU. Also note the hoodie from JIMMY JAZZ. Am I thuggin' yet?

Lastly, a badass wedding car.

Moar to come later!

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