♥♡♥Open Your Eyes DOLL♥♡♥ (harlekini) wrote in egl,
♥♡♥Open Your Eyes DOLL♥♡♥


I need a whiteish lolita dress (doesn't have to be entirely white). I have checked meta and baby, but I still haven't decided yet. I need it for my graduation ceremony.

The price can be max 30000 yen. I don't mind used items as long as the condition is fine. I need them to be shipped to Sweden.

Most of all I would like brand items that wouldn't be available for shipping otherwise.

I was a bit slow with things, so now I'm in a bit of a hurry to find the stuff >w< Luckily, I've already found shoes, but I missed out on ordering the hat (I don't really want it...it's Mom who wants it XD).

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