shirouzu_ko (shirouzu_ko) wrote in egl,

Moi-Meme-Moitie: Direct Auction

There is a lot if interest! So, here it goes~

My very 1st OP.. and most expensive thing i myself have ever bought... now, to let it go~


Beautiful lace~
**amateaur measurements ^^;**
waist: pretty free, as the elastic fits under your bust~
under bust: up to 40' i beleive, but my bust is about a 37' and... well, i say for a great fit, to be around 34-35in
length (from bottom of collar to bottom): 80cm
underbust to bottom length: 60cm
sleeve length: 62cm
shoulder length: 36cm

This auction is starting right as I post --> May 6th, 6pm (Pacific Time). This gives awhile to.. check bank accounts XD

I will only take paypal. Shipping will be included in final price to anywhere in the world as priority. However, paypal fee will have to be paid by winner~ (4% i beleive)

Bid is starting $260 US. Please bid in increments of $5-$10.

before shipping, i will handwash, even though dry cleaned is preferred. i have never used dry cleaning, and am worried it could mess up the lace~ so it will be up to you.

Thank you all~ let the bidding war, begin! XD

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