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BTSSB Chandelier Purse Review

Since a few people seemed interested, I thought I would write up a review on this purse. I haven't had it for a super long time, but I believe I've got a clear view of it's usage and stuff from today.

First of all, my camera's batteries died so I only have this one pic of me holding it. I will add more pictures to this review later when the batteries are charged up again.

Explanation of review points:

Materials: This is what the purse is made of, for some parts I may have to guess a little bit.
Quality: This is basically the workmanship of the bag.
Price: How much it costs and if I think it was worth it.
Usage: How easy it is to carry and use.
Overall: Self-explanatory.

Now on to the review!
Here is me holding the bag (excuse the bad pic from earlier):

& The link to it on BTSSB's site:

Materials: The site says "Composite Leather & Other". The front part is the composite leather, which seems to be more of a vinyl. It's not exactly what their shoes are made out of. The side is patterned, although I think it's probably overtop this vinyl. It has gold ribbon attached all the way around the sides. The back is interesting, it's padded and is covered with a sort of felt material which allows you to put the bag down and not have it slide around really easy (especially against clothing).
The inside is covered in a grosgrain type fabric, with big grosgrain ribbons at the sides to hold the top on. The top has two pockets with the BTSSB fabric. One pocket is big and elasticated, the other is small, appears to be for something like a rail pass.

Quality: Quality is nice, although not terribly special. The vinyl on the front is a little wrinkly, but is only noticeable up close. The design is printed but probably won't come off easily (although it's best to be careful). Everything is well stitched and well made so it is quite sturdy. Only thing I noticed is that while carrying there are some gaps between the front and the back due to it only locking in one spot. However, inside there is raise edges so nothing will be able to get in or out of it.
The locking mechanism was a bit tricky to figure out, I had to check the website for it. There is a key for a little piece that locks it at the bottom, when it's horizontal it is open, vertical is locked. When unlocked, you press the left button to the right and it pops open.
The bottom is plain and has four feet to rest the bag on.

Price: At 23,940 it's one of baby's more expensive bags, but I think there is good reason. This bag is very large and there is lots of attention to detail.

Usage: This bag is large, but it's easy to carry (as long as you don't make it really heavy by putting tons of stuff in there). Right now I'm used to a smaller bag, so it's going to take a little bit of getting used to, but it will be alright. The straps are sturdy and don't hurt my arm when carrying it on my elbow.
Opening it can be a little tricky. It's meant to be put down on a flat surface and then opened so that your things don't fall out. However, if you only use the pockets you wouldn't need to do so. I also find it's really easy to just hold it flat with one hand, open it and take things out, but I'm coordinated I guess. You could also open it up easily when it's sitting on your lap.

Overall: This is a great no-so-little bag that should last me a very long time. It's adorable and can fit many things inside it due to it's size. The main con about it is the need to lay it on a flat surface to open it without things falling out, but oftentimes a flat surface is not hard to find. Another thing might be the light pink felt backing. It keeps the bag from sliding around, but if put onto surfaces a lot, it may get dirty.
For me, this bag was worth the purchase and I love it. I believe I will be using this bag a lot :3

If you have any other questions, please ask :D


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