the Kool-Aid Man (chocolatexpanda) wrote in egl,
the Kool-Aid Man

Hey, people~ uhm.. I'm new to the community, but I'd still like to ask if anyone has any white Mary Jane pumps up for sale? I'm a size 7-8/8-9 in USian shoes [x___x;; I've yet to try on some lolita-ish shoes..] but the measurements are 24.5-25 cm and 9 cm at the wides part [I have a fairly wide foot..?] My price range would be.. not..expensive? >O<;; my mum's buying them [if I find some I like] and I don't think she'd be too happy buying hundred-dollar shoes.. I'm not too terribly picky, but I'd like some help..

[Sankyuu soo much x__x]

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