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Grr. Will these shoes work at ALL?

I'm now desperate for a pair of white loli shoes. I have about a month left to get them and can't find anything.
(There's pictures of a pair of shoes I found under the cut by the way so tell me what you think.)
I asked cuppycakes about their shoes and they've yet to reply (I think it might be too late now). I asked Momo's on Ebay and there's alot of confusion with their sizes, as well as people saying things like "it took 3 months to arrive!".
I couldn't find any websites that sells loli shoes for US 11 feet so now I'm just trying to find something that might even relatively work. (Please keep in mind that they must be white.)
Do you think that these shoes
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even have a CHANCE of looking okay with this dress?
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I also have a few other outfits that I'd like to wear them with and all of them except one would only look right with white shoes. ^^;

P.S. If you even dare to know a website that sells them (where I don't have to buy more than one pair to get them that size) in my size please tell me! I think I can pay up to $100 depending on how it looks. Even if they're boots I might consider them. Thanks.
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