Tyler "Sakura Fairy" (sakurafairy) wrote in egl,
Tyler "Sakura Fairy"

Announcing the next preorder for Lily of the Valley Designs

The concept is very much like the brands method of preordering, except I will be doing fewer pieces and making them to your size. This run will be quite limited, only 5 jumperskirts will be made, and on a first come first serve basis. The Preorder will start next Thursday, the 3rd of May.

Here is a sketch of the design, as well as the color selection. The dress will be done in a cotton sateen, with an illusion netting overskirt, trimmed with satin ribbon trim and venise lace. If you would like a diffrent color then is shown please e-mail me at Sakura_Fairy42@yahoo.com before the preorder so I can see if it is possible.

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