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MNG / Mango footwear - lolita style finds

I went to the MNG store yesterday and found a pair of very rounded-toe, nearly bubble toe ankle strap ballet flats at the store.  I thought these were super cute, and a great interpretation of the Japanese brand style bubble toe streamlined to be usable with normal streetwear.  The high ankle strap is nice for those people who have trouble keeping ballet flats put, without the appearance of a strap cutting your foot off midsection.  The front of the shoe opening is cut low for some nice toe cleavage and appearance of added slenderness to the foot.

I tried on a pair in size 36, and indeed there is a lot of vertical room in the toe box, but found that the shoes were cut very narrow at the ball of the foot (where the toe opening curves around to the side).   There is a big jump between size 36 and 37 in length though... Otherwise I would have totally pounced on them.  Le sigh. 

From the angle of the photo, the rounded toe isn't as pronounced, but it's really there.  They come in black and also white, and are super cute!

MNG apparently has an online shop.

Image below:
Price 65.00 USD
Sizes 5-9 are available.
The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

There is also another pair that I noticed in the site that I didn't see at the store that could possibly be used for lolita style.  It is similar in shape apparently but has a rose shaped corsage at the toe.  Only size 9 is left because these are on sale.
Price 89.00 USD
Reduced Price 

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Won't these laceup wingtip shoes be the perfect accompaniment for a kodona style?  These are on sale, too!
But only size 7 is left.
Price 99.00 USD
Reduced Price    48.99    USD

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