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Jane Marple, BTSSB, AP, IW, ETC, off-brand direct sale

I have some medicine bills and other expenses I need to attend to so I'm selling here some items that I have decided I can bear to part with. Again as always, I'm totally open to offers if you want the item but can't afford the price listed. No trades this time though since I need the money. Thanks for looking!

Emily Temple Cute Pink Jacket
50$ or best offer.
This is a beautiful pink jacket from ETC that I had purchased from kuramew on the community in brand-new condition with the tags attached. It was a "sample" item so I guess it is not easy to find. I was only able to wear it two times for short periods each time. The tag will also be included for who ever purchases this jacket.

I like this jacket very much, and it's very easy to work into both lolita outifts and regular clothing as well. I am sad to see it go, but I really need the funds right now so...! It has been the only lolita jacket thus far to fit me in the sleeves decently. I guess it has to do with the cut of the jacket?

Sleeves: 59 cm
Shoulders: 35.5cm
Bust: 86cm
Waist: 82cm
Length: 62

Innocent World Pink Rose Chiffon(?) Skirt
(Sold to ginger_kitty) Thank you!

Angelic Pretty Crown Cutsew
50$ or best offer (On hold for sweeter_lolita)
I bought this off someone on EGL but never got a chance to wear it. I did wash it by hand as soon as I had received it and tried it on once. One of the buttons fell out right when I got it. I still have the original button and will include it for who ever purchases it since I don't trust my own sewing skills. The cutsew is used, but there is not piling on the fabric that I can see of. It is stretchy like most cutsews.

The length of the cutsew is a bit short, but it is good to use as an inner for jumpskirts, etc. I usually have a lot of problems with the length of sleeves for many lolita blouses since they are too short, but I had no problem with this one. The color is a bordot.

Sleeves: 66cm
Shoulders: 35cm
Bust: 84cm
Waist: about 70cm (can go up because it's cutsew material).
Length: 48cm

BTSSB Knit Pullover
(Sold to tenshihimoto) Thank you!

Jane Marple Red Gingham Top
asking 45$ or best offer (originally retailed for 11,000yen) (On hold for veilchenblau)

Condition: Brand new with tags. I tried it on once while wearing a top underneath.

Bust: I think it can go up to 86cm. My own measurement is around 84cm, and it seems to fit me fine.
Waist: 70cm
Length: 50 cm

This going to be perfect for summer, and if you live in a hot place, then it will be perfect for spring as well! It is a pretty modest design so I think that it is possible to wear the top without having a blouse or cutsew underneath. (^-^ This is a very old design from at least before 1997 (I'm thinking 1995 or ever earlier). It comes with the original tags (not pictured). This may be an older piece, but the design is still in style.

Off-brand Black and White Polka Dot Dress
(Sold to mimle) Thank you!

I can't accept any trades for these items because I need the money to pay for my medicine and other required expenses. But I am very open for bargaining so please offer a price if you don't like the one I listed.

Feedback: I've done countless transactions on EGL both as a seller and a buyer in the past that have gone smoothly. I have 100% positive Ebay feedback with the name kuroibara. I think I currently have +3 feedback on the Lolita Database.

Payment: I accept NON-credit card Paypal (I only have a personal account), international money orders, and well concealed cash sent by registered mail (US$, CDN$ and JPNyen okay). For those in the UK who can't use Paypal, I will take bank drafts as well.

Shipping: Items are shipped by airmail from Canada. There is automatic 100$CDN insurance for each airmail package, and I also have a record of each package I ship. I am able to make a trip to the post office tomorrow (Friday) and next week on Monday.

The prices here don't list the shipping but it will be around 5$ to 20$US depending on the item and the place I'm shipping to. I will be happy to ship any of these items in cardboard box instead of a bubble pack, but the shipping might increase because of the weight. If you want the item to be sent by Xpresspost or some other service I am open to do that as long as you pay the shipping expenses.

If you have any other questions or concerns, please feel free to let me know! I'm not really interested in doing trades, but I would consider trading for some bloomers from any of the brands. Thanks for looking!
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