suama (suama) wrote in egl,

DS: Bodyline

I bought this Bodyline jacket a while back, but it's too small for me. It still has tags and everything (Has just been tried on), but is a little creased from me folding things badly. ;-; It's quite thin, so it's not great for the coldest of weathers.

The original images and measurements.

Has such cute buttons! Also, the arms are detachable.

According to the Bodyline website and a translator, it says the measurements are:
Length: 87cm/34inches
Bust: 86cm/34inches
Sleeve length: 22cm/9inches when they're taken off, 59cm/23inch when they're left on
Shoulder width: 40cm/15.5inches
Waist: 76cm/30inches

(If anyone wants to confirm it's right/wrong, then please do. ^^; )

I'm asking for $70, including shipping. If you live in the UK, then it'll be slightly discounted. Feel free to haggle though, I just want to sell it.

I would also like to see some Alice themed jewellery too please! I'm willing to go $30 max per piece.

I haven't really got much feedback to be honest, because I've never sold anything before. If you're interested though, here is my Ebay feedback, which I haven't really bought much with either. ._.;

Thanks for looking!

Also, I hope this lj cut works.
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