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Don't forget, this Saturday the 28th is the Sakura Matsuri meetup! The precise when and where have been decided. :D

I will be there at 11am to get us a spot in the grass, but please come as close as you can to that time, because one person can only hold a large space for so long before fights break out lol.

Here is an exceedingly large map
X marks the spot (and a couple of pretty arrows). I know you see the giant open field there, but last year there was a tent taking up the whole thing for Japanese theater art, and I'm sure they'll do the same this year. If anybody who's gone more than once before wants to confirm this for me, that'd be excellent.

As for food, I do not think they'll confiscate our food. Please try to bring a little something, and please don't everybody bring cookies and cupcakes! Cookies and cupcakes are perfectly welcome, but some small savory foods, like little sandwiches or something, are also just as welcome. Try to bring something that will feed many as opposed to some (i.e. cupcakes > cake). As regards to beverages, I think it would be best if everyone just brought their own bottled drink (no scotch plz), to reduce possible spills and other mishaps in a place with no tables.

Directions are here. Admission is $8, but if you show student ID, it gets knocked down to $4.

I hope to see you there! (That includes you, oshidori, lolita or not, at least for a bit!)

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