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I decided that it would be amusing to post pictures of my closets and such.

First of all, it's the middle of the night so the light sucks.. Actually, the light sorta sucks all the time so whatever XD
I also didn't take pics of single items because that would take forever. If you really want to see something specific, tell me and I'll take a pic.
Oddly enough the pics make my walls look green, wtf? They are a warm greyish brown o.0

First up is my dresser, which is full of a lot of stuff. I know what you're thinking, "Holy crap clean up your room woman".. I will, I just did laundry and got lazy with putting things away ^^;;;;
Also taken before the bed was made, hence reflection of the blanket in a lump lol. (Guess what I'm doing after this post?? XD)

Now for Closet #1. This is the closet in the bedroom, which I only get half of (boyfriend gets the other half.. even though he only has TWO SHIRTS IN IT D:).
Notice my SWEET hello kitty luggage which I got at a Sanrio gift gate for way too much money.

Closet #2. This one is in the office so I can use the whole thing. Most of the left side is taken up by petticoats/panniers, I give them a lot of space so they don't get squished. I also have my shoes and parasols in here.

SHOES! I love shoes, I can't stop buying them XD. Missing from this pic are my Antenna rockinghorse boots, pink pearl BTSSB shoes and cherry red dr. martens.
Top, left to right: Yosuke boots, Meta shoes, BPN shoes, Jane Marple Shoes, BTSSB boots.
Bottom, left to right: Alice Auaa shoes, Vivienne Westwood RH shoes, Playboy shoes, AP crown shoes.

More of the Yosuke and Meta shoes.

The Alice Auaa shoes are so awesome they get their own pic (although without a foot in them they look weird). Notice the foot petals, without those the balls of my feet cry.

Actually showing the BTSSB boots and the Jane Marple shoes. Plus my Moitie parasol which is awesome sauce.

And for kicks, a random picture of me with a Liz Lisa top+bolero on. I looked away by accident o.0
And yes, today I was lazy and just wore jeans (plus it's cold out) D:

And that's all folks :P
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