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Brisbane Meet: Second attempt at throwing one of these...

You are invited to the Brisbane Lolita Meet up.

Come in your best Lolita outfit, have some afternoon tea, and share in some great company!

Date: Saturday 26 MAY
Where: Pancake Palace (aka Pancakes at the Manor) 18 Charlotte Street, The City
(Go down Albert Street and turn right at the lights, when you pass Archives Books and the Police Station you know you're on the right track or cut through the Elizabeth St Arcade and turn right)
Time: Afternoon Tea 2:00 PM
In front of Borders Books, Elizabeth Street, The City 2:30

Pre-Afternoon Tea things to do:

Browse the Elizabeth Street Arcade
Purikura in the Elizabeth Stree Arcade

RSVP: Andrea by MAY 25 through my email deepincoma@hotmail.com

Don't forget to bring your camera!

* Pancake Palace is relatively cheap, meals start from $7 + and serves crepes (sweet and savory), light meals, pancakes, wafflles, coffee, tea ect and is also Fully Licenced *drunk lolitas!* Though at least $15/$20 is a safe amount of money to bring along! 
* Purikura costs $15 a sheet though if you split cost between three it's easier to deal with

Hope to see you all there!

Your Loving Overlord

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