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One down...

Four more to go.

This is the first of five comission pieces I have less than a month to finish -_-;; They were all comissioned by a photographer for a photoshoot, five different dresses to be worn by five different models. He's going to shoot the five girls separately and then superimpose them all onto a shelf so they look like dolls ^_^

This is a really fun project for me, because I have *totally* free reign of the design of the five dresses. He's also entrusted me with hair, makeup, and accessories for the girls on the day of the shoot. *^_^* So I get to play designer, seamstress, stylist, and makeup artist all at once!

Anyway, here's the first finished dress. I chose a different color scheme for each one, and I tried to choose colors that aren't so common in lolita. The first one is lavender!

Ta-daa! There she is! The bottom ruffle needs to be ironed T_T I was just so excited to finish this! It's shown without a petticoat, as well-there's an enormous amount of yardage in that skirt O.o

She took me about 8 hours start-to-finish. Not bad time!

Blurry, but closer to actual colors. My flash likes to make things much more blue than they actually are.

Detail (Stupid wrinkly ruffle -_-;;)

aaaaaaaaaaah shirrings. XD

So, thar she be! Whatcha think?
Also, for those of you who may be interested, all of the outfits will be for sale after the photoshoot. And of course, as always, comissions are available ^_^ Im working on getting a little webshop going so I don't have to email *everybody* *everything*. XD


EDIT: I forgot to mention, for those interested in comissions-the gingham and dot fabrics shown here are also available in pink, baby blue, and mint green (that is, assuming the store still has them, which by all means it should).
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